Posted by: travelingmexico | February 25, 2010

Hello world!

Are you thinking about traveling to Mexico, for a vacation, or living there part-time, or are you thinking of perhaps moving there full time?

We have a home in Mexico and a home in Wisconsin, USA. We try to be in Mexico when it is freezing in Wisconsin and in Wisconsin when it is roasting in Mexico.

Over the next several weeks, I will offer some ideas on how you can save money, perhaps make money and spend less of your money while in Mexico.

All the information will be based on my Travels to and from Mexico. We travel there from 5 to 7 times a year, and we keep houses in both places…

I’m retired, but I run an on-line business, have a weekend business in Wisconsin and am enjoying life. My wife is a care-giver and works 6 days a week at that, so until she retires, it limits some of our travel..but it is manageable, and I hope to show you some of the ways, with this blog. So, if Mexico is on your mind, check back here often. I plan to post once a week.